Weedsday Playlist: Romy Reiner Shares 5 Songs For Your Next Smoke Session

Photo credit: Aiden Avery

Romy Reiner is an American artist, writer and actor. Residing in Los Angeles, Romy began learning the art of improv and eventually graduated from the Upright Citizens Brigade. She has been writing for 6 years and is currently working on a few projects. Romy has been a photographer since 6th grade and has worked for various brands, some of which include marijuana companies.

Romy is a strong advocate for prison reform and has forged ties with organizations such as Last Prisoner Project. She would like to see all marijuana convictions overturned. The overwhelming and ever-growing weed industry where people profit from selling weed, coupled with people still in jail on minor marijuana charges, is unacceptable in our society. Yet, according to Romy, “we are still nowhere near righting the wrongs and eradicating the war on drugs.” We love Romy’s passion for the plant, so we asked her to curate this week’s Weedsday playlist and share some thoughts on what inspired her:

“As someone who has used weed for chronic pain, a way to relieve stress, and just because it’s a great way to connect with other people as well as yourself, I discovered that music and smoking go hand in hand. I’m lucky to have older parents who taught me a lot about music and the history of music, and as someone who completely interested in all forms of sound, I think I have a fairly wide range of knowledge, I’ve always been interested in how music influences art and other music.

I always say that I like almost all genres of music except dubstep. But I’m always willing to try. I like country, rap, R&B, rock, folk, etc… It was very difficult for me to choose only five or six songs, I don’t want to feel like I’m excluding or forget anything. But I tried to choose the songs that make me feel good and that I can listen to again and again. There’s so much history in the music that when I listen to it, I almost feel like I’m traveling back in time. These are some of my favorite classics. -Romy

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All you need to know about Romy is that she loves animals, cakes and weed, and hopes to be part of the next generation tackling social justice issues and creating a safer and more more understanding around grass. Now, let’s soak up the sounds of Funkadelic, Erykah Badu, Aretha Franklin, and more!

BONUS MUSIC! “Day Dreaming” by Aretha Franklin

The ultimate goat, Aretha. I’m captivated by so many of his songs, but “Day Dreaming” still feels like home. The song was released in 1972, almost 50 years ago, and it still sounds great. I wish more songs today had the soul and charm of “Day Dreaming”. Aretha was a true artist, and you can hear it in her voice and her songs.