The Who’s ‘The Who Sell Out’ and ‘Tommy’ albums will be reissued on half-speed vinyl in July


Limited edition black vinyl versions of WHOfirst third and fourth studio albums from 1967 Those who sell and the group’s seminal rock opera in 1969, tommywill be released on July 6 as the second installment in a recently launched series of semi-mastered vinyl editions of the band’s records.

Both albums were mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London by longtime Who engineer Jon Asley and cut for vinyl by an acclaimed engineer by Miles Showell. The discs will be packaged in sleeves reproducing the original designs of the albums and will be accompanied by certificates of authenticity.

Those who sell is notable for being one of the earliest concept rock albums. It featured the band parodying the British pirate radio stations that were popular at the time, and included fake advertisements written and recorded by the band that linked some of the songs. The album only reached #48 on the Billboard 200, but it included The Who’s first US top 10, “I Can See for Miles”.

tommy is widely regarded as one of the most important albums in rock history, a double-disc collection that tells the story of a “deaf, dumb and blind child” who becomes a pinball champion and then a spiritual leader . tommy peaked at 7th place Billboard 200 and features many enduring Who songs including “Pinball Wizard”, “I’m Free” and “We’re Not Gonna Take It”, which includes the famous “See Me, Feel Me” segment.

The Who launched their half-speed mastered vinyl series earlier this month with reissues of their first two UK studio albums: 1965’s my generation and 1966 A quick.

You can pre-order the Mastered Half Speed Those who sell and tommy LP now.

Here is Those who sellThe complete list of titles:

Side 1
“Armenia city in the sky”
“Heinz Baked Beans”
“Mary Anne with the Shaking Hand”
“Our love was”
“I can see for miles”

Side 2
“I can’t reach you”
“Silas Miser”
“Rael (1 and 2)”

And here is the complete list of titles of tommy:

Side 1
“It’s a boy”
“Amazing trip”
“The Peddler”

Side 2
“Cousin Kevin”
“The Acid Queen”

Side 3
“Do you think everything is fine?”
“Pinball Magician”
“There’s a Doctor”
“Go to the mirror!” »
“Tommy can you hear me?”
“Breaking the Mirror”

Side 4
“Wonder Cure”
“Sally Simpson”
“I’m free”
“Tommy’s Summer Camp”
“We’re not going to take it”

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