The ‘ultimate denim playlist’ includes Tame Impala and Arctic Monkeys, according to a company trying to sell you jeans |

Vital new research from clothing retailer GAP has not only uncovered a seemingly thriving world of denim-themed playlists on Spotify, but has also pulled together something called the “ultimate denim playlist.” This showcases the most popular tracks found in jeans-themed playlists, a definable genre of playlist that’s definitely not designed to get you thinking about buying jeans.

The “Ultimate Denim Playlist” features a range of new and old tracks. Some are evident in their connection to denim, while others are seemingly tied to the material through more abstract jeans. Means. Abstract means.

GAP’s playlist is organized by how often songs appear on jeans-themed playlists, and thus the top 10 containing Ashe’s recent song Another man’s jeans makes sense, as does, of course, the inclusion of Flo Rida mooone of the most enduring denim-themed pieces of the 2000s.

What propels Tame Impala The less I know, the better off I am at number four is a bit more of a mystery, though. The lyrics are positively without jeans. Without denim. The same can be said for Arctic Monkeys do i wanna know and 505 at numbers 11 and 23 respectively. The answer might be that the songs are loosely associated with people wearing jeans, however, that doesn’t exactly narrow things down.

The GAP study claims to have analyzed 997 denim-themed playlists, with a total of more than 200,000 songs to make up the “ultimate denim playlist”. According to a press release, the creation of the playlist was inspired by a common situation: “It’s Friday night. The work week is over and you are ready for the weekend. Whether you need to kick back and relax or head out on the town for a big night out, there’s one thing we need: a great playlist to feel good about and prepare for. »

The brand is also keen to remind you that jeans are “versatile pants, perfect for all moods and all occasions”. Perhaps this aspect of jeans is what ultimately reflects the eclectic nature of the playlist.

GAP then poses a revolutionary hypothesis: “Is there a perfect soundtrack to put on your skinny, wide-leg or high-waisted jeans?” Maybe it’s something you found yourself agonizing over every Friday while putting on jeans, or maybe it’s not a thought that ever crossed your mind. Either way, GAP’s “ultimate denim playlist” exists now to fill that, uh, gap.

Vague music-related studies like these are quite common. Last month, a study looked at swearing in music and found Johnny Cash to be among the rudest musicians of all time – he ranked number three in the top 10, ahead of Young Thug and Ja Rule. The results may have been skewed slightly by the inclusion of words like “damn” and “hell” as swear words, but perhaps that makes sense given changing attitudes and the way Cash’s music would have been received at the time. Somewhat more curiously, the study was conducted by a company that helps people find the right retirement home.

Similarly, Vera Clinic has obtained some coverage in last year with a study that revealed the calming effect of heavy metals on blood pressure. Vera Clinic specializes in hair transplants and various other cosmetic surgeries – the company’s link to heavy metals is much like the link between The less I know, the better off I am and a pair of jeans.