Playlist recommendations for spring weekend soirees and endless strolls

Caroline Richards ’22

Art Editor

I was going to make my music recommendations this week on the best songs that hate men, but then he texted me back. So here is a list of happy EDM songs in honor of the spring weekend! VANIC! Rae Sremmurd! Live music! Add them to the pre-game playlist, the running playlist, or my favorite, the pre-darty shower playlist. I’ve added a lot of old classics – because they’re the best – so maybe some of them are already in your playlists – as they should be. They are dreamy, upbeat, relaxing and fun to enjoy with a cool drink.

“Zeal” by Tchami

When will Tchami ever miss? His track record suggests that ever. This is taken from his 2017 EP Revelations which also includes the iconic song “Adieu”, which I also highly recommend if by any chance you haven’t heard it. He has a new single called “Say Nothing” with MAY-A, whose vocals I love. Check it out: it’s fire but a bit more pop-y.

“The Future” (Purple Disco Machine Remix) by Motez, Antony & Cleopatra and Purple Disco Machine

Motez and Purple Disco Machine on the same song? Wow. This song has a disgusting guitar riff, and it’s over 8 minutes long. Really good for a mile run or when you need to listen at bedtime, it somehow manages to get a quick cool down. Motez also has a new single called “Submission”, which is much deeper but very good.

“Sundream” by RUFUS DU SOL

Woooooo this song does something to me. All of his songs make you feel alive, and this song is no exception. “Sundream” is the perfect name for it; it makes the sun dream: whatever it means, he went and did it. I want a Tame Impala x RUFUS collab so badly. Who should I contact about this? lmk.

“Move All Night” by SNBRN, Autograf and KOLE

SNBRN baby! When he came to Trinity, he played a deeper version of it, and I think everyone uplifted there. This song is so good, he layered KOLE’s voice over the rest of the sounds he mixed so well, including a trumpet, thank you? Also, not too pop-y, which can be a difficult balance to strike. His latest release, “When We’re Awake”, sadly didn’t strike that balance, but hopefully he’ll release better stuff before summer arrives.

“Help Me Lose My Mind” by Disclosure and London Grammar

What a fucking banger. From their 2013 album Settle which also included “Latch”, “White Noise” and “When A Fire Starts To Burn”, iconic songs from the 2010s. London Grammar needs to do more DJ collaborations, they sound like they belong in this genre . It’s kind of both sad and uplifting. Honestly a song I could consider perfect.

“When Will I See You Again” (Amtrac Remix) by Shakka and Amtrac

Recent discovery for me (thanks @colleen), but apparently it’s been out since April 2017. Shakka has an R&B voice that Amtrac works so well with. I like that he didn’t speed it up too much, and he added a really nice background vocal that layers really well. He has a really cool playlist on his Spotify called “Planet Amtrac”, which is basically a bunch of songs similar to this one. Highly recommended, especially for studying.

“Move into Me” (Roosevelt Remix) by Bad Sounds, BROODS and Roosevelt

This song just puts you in a good mood. A breath of fresh air for sure. Also, an incredibly catchy guitar riff. BROODS sounds great, it has an exquisite beat and there are layered bongos? It ticks all the boxes. Bad Sounds released an EP in January of this year which I liked, but hopefully better overall.

“Never mind” by Dennis Lloyd

It’s a first-year must-have. Dennis Lloyd does a good job. The best part of this song is how slowly and subtly it escalates. It’s very satisfying and very well done. It also toes the fine line of EDM and pop, but it manages to do it in a not so obnoxious way. He recently did a collaboration with Robin Schulz which I half approve of. It’s a bit obvious and less original than his other stuff, but there’s a time and a place I guess.