[PLAYLIST] Dallas LoFi beats for studying/relaxing.

With the season finale students upon you, here’s a playlist of Dallas-made LoFi hip-hop beats to get you through those late-night study sessions.

Finals season is in full swing, and if you ask any student, their stress level is probably at an all-time high, especially for those trying to graduate this semester. Finals week comes with a lot of studying, and there’s no better music to accompany a study session than some good lo-fi beats.

On YouTube’s homepage, “hip hop radio lofi – rhythms for relaxing/studying” has become an iconic internet staple. The 24-hour stream has thousands of people listening at any given time, and its lively student girl and cat have practically become best friends for college students all over the world. While this playlist is a fire study soundtrack, we love to support our Dallas people. That being said, here are 10 lo-fi songs from Dallas-based artists to add to your playlist this season finale.

“Space is like getting your nipple caught in a zipper” – Nxck Lewxs
Nxck Lewxs is a solo act dedicated to discussing mental health, racism and love in their tracks, while using a lo-fi twist to help those struggling. This song uses lo-fi beats and a laid-back vibe with robotic, indecipherable lyrics in a smooth running time of one minute and 27 seconds.

“Swing My Feet” – Nxck Lewxs
Another Nxck Lewxs track, this song takes a different approach to lo-fi than what you’d hear on YouTube’s iconic playlist. This brings in echoing strums with a person reciting a few extra lines that can’t really be understood with a slow steady beat, making it the perfect background noise.

“Postop” – Coronado
Coronado is another Dallasite with some lo-fi fire under his belt. In this song he uses introspective beats – no pun intended given that his album is called Quick introspection – to help you conclude your final studies with an accent similar to that of a bass piano.

“Seventy Degrees Fahrenheit” – Hanover Park
Smooth guitar strumming and a few snare hits make up this instrumental masterpiece that will become the top of our lo-fi playlist. The song is short and sweet, and Hanover Park maintains its dedication to lo-fi while encouraging listeners to use its music to process their life experiences through a series of beats.

“I accept the fact that we will never get back together” – Hanover Park
This track takes on a darker tone, with maraca-like tremors and piano echoes to tell this story of a wordless breakup. It’s a low-key song and might be good to come back from your study night with.

“Last This Week: April 2022” – Iamyu
This Dallas-based musician and DJ makes music out of his interest in creating music for others and sharing those experiences with others. This lo-fi track has a more upbeat vibe than your typical beat-based track, and at an hour’s runtime, that’s guaranteed to fuel you through a study session.

“March 2022” – Iamyu
Iamyu keeps that momentum going each month with a one-hour track. March brought an equally dope piece, and when the study is going to be longer than an hour, you can resort to this one after hitting the April one. This one embodies more of a house beat while staying true to lo-fi roots with unique beats and sounds to keep you focused.

“Lofi God 2 Type Beat [HOTEP]—Altoon C
Born and raised in Dallas, Altoon C is known for working across genres while playing underground venues and art galleries with a modern twist. His music brings messages of hope and endurance while using lo-fi as a platform for creative expression. This type of rhythm is something to fall asleep to or work on a tedious task while listening, and the piano hits make this a song to keep spinning.

Another song from Altoon C, this man doesn’t stop at hits. The song opens with a distorted voice saying “I like lo-fi,” then someone responds by saying, “Well, you should like lo-fi because it’s low-key trash.” We love a good irony. The track keeps that twisted vibe to spice up your playlist a bit, with a cool video to keep that trippy theme going.

“Press Start” – Yo Cisco Kidd
Another song with snare beats and use of guitar, this Dallas-based artist came to Dallas after being born on the East Coast and started making lo-fi music after arriving. Since then, music has been an integral part of his life.