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Resident Evil: Afterlife poster

Resident Evil: Afterlife

Alice and her supporters interfere in headquarters of \"Ambrella\" which is in the underground bunker in the territory of Tokyo. Having destroyed protection and other personnel of a complex, Alice goes towards the aim – Albert murder, the chairman of corporation. He, however, manages to run away, at the last minute having made active the program of self-destruction by means of which he hoped to destroy and all clones of Alice.

When Vesker understands that he didn't manage to get rid of prosecution from the real Alice, he injects her a drug which neutralizes action of the T-virus and does her by the ordinary person. However to Vesker early to celebrate a victory: having got on Far East airfield and having got new equipment, it continues the way. Arkady's settlement that in the State of Alaska as only it isn't infected with the T-virus becomes its new purpose. But having arrived to a place, Alice understands that the city doesn't exist – only landing fires and empty helicopters with planes, whose pilots, probably, believed signals from Arkady.

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