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The main character – the doctor by the name of Martin Harris who goes to Berlin where passes the congress devoted to biotechnologies. Having had an accident, Martin suffers serious injuries and within four days is in a coma. Having regained consciousness, he finds out that lost not only all documents, but also part of memoirs, and having returned to hotel, the doctor understands that someone another kidnapped his personality, and Martin's wife, apparently, doesn't remember the husband.

Someone powerful wants to destroy Martin, and shortly upon his life attempt. Jina, the taxi driver and the former agent of the Stasi, helps Martin to restore the course of events. To return everything on the places and to survive, the doctor has to find the person who would confirm his personality. At a meeting with the colleague Cole of Martine learns that his life strongly differed from his own representations. What happened to the doctor actually and why accident led to so unexpected consequences?

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