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In Time poster

In Time

The drama thriller Andrew Niccola with Justin Timberlake (Will Salas) "In Time" transfers us in fantastic (but not so improbable: the world of the movie is thought carefully over) the future when time becomes the main value of people. If people to learn to accumulate that time which they squandered, apparently, earlier there have to come fertile days? But isn't present, Andrew Nikkol because it is necessary to store this time in special banking systems, and when the speech comes about banking systems answers, it becomes clear that the social inequality will grow: someone will die in "temporary ghettoes", someone will save up such stocks of time that will be able to live almost eternally!

So – on the verge of death daily as every day leaves on earning life time for tomorrow, and there lives the main character. Will with the mother Rachelle (Olivia Wilde). In this cruel world also robbers - "Watchmakers", and all-seeing services of "In Time" prosper: poor people shouldn't live more long, than representatives of elite! But as a result of collision with gang, Will gets an imperial gift: more than hundred years of life who can share with mother and friends. Will decides to get into that zone of the city where millionaires estimate the term of the life in thousands of years.

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