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Turbo poster


The movie begins with a snail named Theo, in the San Fernando Valley garden in Los Angeles. Theo is also known as Turbo. He is a garden snail and the only thing he is obsessed with, is Speed. He dreams of being the most popular and fastest racer in the world. His only wish is to participate in the Indianapolis 500 race and win, just like his superstar Gagne. But being a snail, Turbo is very slow and he is demoralized by everyone for his dream.

But one day, the impossible happens, he gains what he desires and that is speed. He meets with an accident and gets into the supercharger of a car and that’s when his DNA ends up fusing with Nitrous oxide. When he wakes up after the accident, he realizes that he has changed. He acquired speed and accuracy that he always wished for. Now, he decides to make his dream of winning the Indianapolis 500 race come true.

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