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Need for Speed poster

Need for Speed

This movie is based on racing game. Tobey Marshall is an experienced former car racer. He is the owner of Mount Kisco garage located in New York. He has a friend and a partner who helps him in the task of fine tuning the car’s performance. They hardly earn money and are going through difficult financial crunch. He participates in the street races during late times along with his other crew members. One day Tobey’s rival Dine Brewster comes to visit his garage.

He has a proposal for Tobey- he has a rare race car Ford Shelby Mustang owned by Carroll Shelby and Dino wants Tobey to make over the car. Dino offers 25% of the cost of car which runs into few millions in the current times. Tobey and his crew finishes the job and the fully made Mustang is exhibited for auction during a party. Julia is a car broker who has a client for this car. The only condition that client put is to see that the car actually can run at 230mph speed as claimed by Tobey and Dino.

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