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Mad Max: Fury Road poster

Mad Max: Fury Road

When the famous policeman Max is being held captive by the War Boys Tribe which is commanded by one of the most fearful characters In this movie, Immoral Joe. Now, he’s involved in some really nut job, he has to give blood to one of the sick boys of the tribe, being chained into a car he has to make himself free again.

When Furiosa arrives to the place he’s being held captive, the tribe starts following her because she stole one of the most precious treasure Immortal Joe has, three beautiful girls that were previously selected to breed for him, here is when the great action of this movie starts gaining flavor. With big car chases, awesome fights, explosions, shootings and jumping, just pure action everywhere and always in the whole flick, set in an apocalyptic world, this movie will make you feel great and entertain you to the bone.

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