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Bone Tomahawk poster

Bone Tomahawk

In the village of Bright Hope, several dwellers are going missing. They are all feared to becoming prey to a tribe that lives deep in the desert. The tribe is cannibalistic preferring only human flesh. They are initially considered to be Indians but it is later known that they are a bad bloodline. The sheriff of the town Brigh Hope, after sighting numerous cases of the cannibals’ menace is now determined to set up a team and bring an end to this cannibalistic uproar.

The group is all set to visit the cave dwellers and kill them in their own land. They try everything including poisoning the tribal men but are able to intoxicate just two of them which in turn infuriates the leader of the tribe. In his demon-like ways he excavates the Sheriff’s abdomen and kills him. But Hunt is able to free the residents of the town of the fearless cannibal tribe as he dies.

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