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The Woman in Black poster

The Woman in Black

The movie begins with a young and skilled lawyer named Arthur Kipps. Arthur is widowed and is the father if a little boy. Arthur receives an order to sort out the client’s papers who has died recently. He travels to the remote village where the deceased client lived, to inspect the house that belonged to the woman. He finds the people of the village are rather unpleasant. When he visits the house for the first time, he is disturbed by odd noises, screaming of children and a bolted nursery.

He tries to discuss the issue with the village constable, but he disregards him. As Arthur works alone in the eerie house of the client, he finally begins to learn about the tragic and depressing secrets. When he sees a mysterious woman dressed in black, he is terrified and scared. Arthur decides to find the identity of the woman in black on his own because whenever he tried to ask any of the locals, all he received was silence. When Arthur discovers her true intentions, a desperate race against time begins.

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