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Knights of the Damned poster

Knights of the Damned

Kicking off a sneak preview of "Knights of the Damned" the viewer finds himself in an unusual medieval world, where it is possible to practically anything. The action begins at a time when major Kingdom begins to attack the Dragon. It devastates the Earth, claiming many lives and forces the townspeople to suffer. King, watching this from the sidelines, tired from happening. He considers the plan, under which he will manage to slay the Dragon.

Soon the King collects twelve Knights, which considers best. They are all well trained and have extensive experience of battle. King confident of them and sends the path, hoping that they will win the Dragon annoy for many years their Kingdom. But the warriors still don't know what tests they prepared. Going on a journey, they encounter with the evil sirens, a mysterious race of women warriors and army, consisting of the undead. Not everyone can go back to the native land. They will open many secrets that enable them to look at the situation from another angle.

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