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By the Sea poster

By the Sea

Hollywood star Angelina Jolie Pitt continued his creative work as a filmmaker. Her new job was a dramatic film "By the Sea", in which Angelina starred alongside husband Brad Pitt. The film occur in 70-ies in France. Escape from the bustle of noisy megalopolis, from life in a constant turmoil and stress, the couple arrives at the Cote d'Azur for a quiet, secluded couples.

In the tranquil surroundings of Roland hopes to write another book, but inspiration comes not, despite all the beauty and romance around. While Roland zapivaet their failures a fair amount of alcohol, the former dancer Vanessa suffers not so much from the idleness from terrible depression, which absorbs it day after day. Spouses have long grown cold to each other and began to drift. Each floating in the flow of life, nor trying to change anything. Holiday on the Côte d'Azur, with a view to normalize relations and does go bad when neighbors Vanessa and Roland becomes a happy young couple.

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