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In mid 1970's serious event occurred: it was decided to abolish the American Basketball Association and leave in the rays of glory only the NBA. Since some commands ABA still deserve to continue to be part of a larger sports, they identified in the NBA four places that as a result of competition and had to take the ABA clubs. Alas, the Flint tropics, and its coach, owner and player in one of Jackie Moon pass in the NBA does not threatened-the Club steadily held the last line of the tournament table and bad feeling there.

Realizing that it is necessary to urgently rescue team, Jackie aimed at any price to raise their ohlamonov on the first row of the table, and began to tense. Thanks to the help of the former star basketball, own assertiveness and extremely timely invention of new element attacks Jackie managed to do the impossible-to significantly improve the game "Flint tropics and make of them a threat to professionals.

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