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Get Smart poster

Get Smart

Max is one of the best secret agents and although sometimes many laugh over it, an enterprising employee methods are quite effective. Unfortunately, while Maxwell only works as an analyst, and dreams of becoming a force field and participate in hazardous jobs. He even tries to pass entrance exams to get a new post, but deliberately manipulate, as Maxwell considered irreplaceable as an analyst.

However, the unexpected happens soon, and their secret headquarters attacked by terrorists who, through coherent action hero detoxified. Boss notices the dexterity and ingenuity, men, raising it to the desired status of detectives. Soon in the movie "get smart" appears another actor-girl-agent, which recently has undergone plastic surgery to stay their identity. It works in tandem with Maxwell and temporarily performs the role of analyst.

This strange couple charge turn the most complicated job. Agents must hunt down the criminal authorities. For this they have been poisoned in Russia to infiltrate the factory for the production of rolls, which actually creates the secret weapon. And Max suddenly begins to experience sympathy for an unapproachable beauty.

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