Listening to Valentine’s Day: albums to make singles spend the holidays as a couple | Entertainment

Valentine’s Day has arrived, and those who are single have hopefully prepared for it. Some people prefer to spend the day of love with their friends, and others prefer to be alone. Maybe you need an album to play in the background at your “palentine” get together, or maybe you’re looking for an album you can listen to while you cry. Whatever your situation, it’s always good to have a selection of music for that bittersweet jam session. Here are some albums to listen to if you’re single on Valentine’s Day.

For Those Feeling Bitter: “Lemonade” – Beyoncé

Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” exudes power, confidence and rage. In this album, she sings about infidelity and knowing your worth. “Hold Up” addresses a cheating partner in an assertive tone that makes the song even better. “Sorry,” contrary to the title, is about not being sorry for leaving that person. If you’re feeling a little bitter, I think this album is the way to go.

For those who want to reminisce about a past relationship: “Fine Line” – Harry Styles

I always come back to this album, no matter my mood. “Fine Line” shines a light on the lifespan of a relationship – from falling in love to bitterness after breakup to acceptance. “Cherry” is so wonderfully melancholic that it almost distracts you from its petty, jealous lyrics. Speaking of jealousy, “To Be So Lonely,” whose title fits the occasion, is about feeling lonely after breaking up with a partner. Many of the songs on the album are so upbeat that you forget the lyrics can be a bit sad, which is perfect if you’re trying not to dwell too much on being single.

For those who want to shout it: “30” – Adele

Adele’s ’30’ is beautifully done in every way. The album is about her divorce and all that she had to face going through it. She takes the listener through the breakdown of her marriage in “To Be Loved” and the struggle of putting herself first in “Oh My God.” She then closes the album with “Love Is A Game,” which is about being open to finding love again. Listening to this album is an emotional rollercoaster in the best possible way.

For those who want to think: “Blonde” – Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean’s second album, “Blonde”, explores self-discovery, reflection and recovery from grief. Ocean talks about a lost love in the sweet “Pink + White” and reminisces about a past relationship in “Ivy.” I don’t know how he does it, but Ocean can make me nostalgic for something I haven’t even experienced. “Solo”, as the title suggests, focuses on loneliness. This track feels like he’s embracing the solo life, even if that contradicts the sad, lonely sound of the song. This album is more than captivating and provides a certain comfort with each listening.

For those who want to embrace the single life: “thank you, next” – Ariana Grande

This album is perfect for those learning to love being single this Valentine’s Day. “Thank you, next” will have you doing the unimaginable – appreciating your ex-partners. She brings up a good point, though, and that is that you should learn from your past mistakes and move on to better things, like focusing on yourself. “7 Rings” is a reminder that there’s nothing to be sad about being single and that it can be fun.

For Those Who Want to Pass Out: “Lover” – Taylor Swift

If you’re not a Valentine’s Day fan, you’re probably wondering why an album titled “Lover” is included in this list. Still, the reason is that this album is perfect for those who want to swoon regardless of their relationship status. I understand; you are single on love day and you want to pretend that you can relate to the love songs of the day. If so, “Lover” is a good choice. This album is for hopeless romantics and those enjoying the single life this Valentine’s Day. If you’re in the mood to swoon, the song “Lover” is the way to go. If you enjoy life on your own, listen to “I forgot you existed”. You can’t go wrong with Swift’s discography.