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On the occasion of Cinco de Mayo, Billboard has compiled a list of Mexican Regional Queens who have not only made it onto our Mexican Regional Airplay chart, but have also dropped songs to heal a heartache.

From Alicia Villarreal’s “Te Quedo Grande La Yegua” to Selena’s “Si Una Vez,” check out the regional Mexican queens below:

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A true karaoke gem, Alicia Villarreal’s “Te Quedo Grande La Yegua” has survived the years thanks to its rebellious lyrics. “I have no intention of tolerating this love,” she says powerfully. “Te Quedo Grande La Yegua” peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard Mexican regional chart of the broadcast on March 23, 2002.


La Reina Grupera placed five songs in the Top 10 of the Mexican Regional Airplay charts with “No Llorare” peaking at No. 3 on the chart dated September 14, 1996. The uptempo song norteño cumbia is about a woman who has dignity and does not will not. get back to her ex despite their good times.


In “Mi Problema”, Chiquis opened up about her divorce. “Life is full of lessons. Don’t regret the decisions you make because there is no such thing. There are only life lessons,” she says at the start of her honest track. The song peaked at No. 7 on the Mexican Regional Airplay chart on December 4, 2021.


Known as La Reina del Pueblo, Beltran dominated the Billboard Mexican regional broadcast chart on May 5, 2007, featuring “Es Cosa De El”. On the banda track, the Mexican-American singer is asked about her dating a man of ill repute, but she goes against the grain, singing “Who cares if I’m his lover?”


Rivera’s “Basta Ya,” assisted by Marco Antonio Solis, sends a powerful message about having the courage to leave a toxic relationship. “I will take the dignity of no longer falling into your game / I will make new paths with all my interior / And I will cry until one day I no longer remember you”, she chants in the sincere banda song.


Paquita does not play and those who break her heart will be held accountable in her words. “Rata de Dos Pata” is arguably her biggest hit for comparing her ex to a two-legged rat, and reminding her how much she hates them. Some of her lyrics were even used on Becky G and Karol G’s #1 hit “Mamiii”.


The late Selena holds the most No. 1s on the Mexican Regional Airplay chart, including “Tu Solo Tu”, which peaked at No. 1 on July 15, 1995 and spent nine weeks at the top. But if we can single out one of Selena’s favorite breakup bangers, it’s “Si Una Vez,” a song where she clearly regrets falling in love and giving it her all in a relationship.