Lifestyle Weekly Spotify Playlist #44

Weekly Spotify Playlist:

Madelaine’s picks

  1. Shins – “New Slang”
  2. Starry Cat – “Happiness”
  3. Lord Huron – “Meet Me in the Woods”

“New Slang” is one of the best songs by indie-rock band The Shins. The song comes from the band’s 2001 album “Oh, Inverted World” and is about doing something new, whether it’s moving to a new place or just starting a new chapter in your life. The song has a sad sound to it, but once you hear the lyrics it feels more bittersweet overall, like the feeling of being excited for something new, but longing for what’s left.

Starry Cat is an indie-folk artist with just under 200,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. “Happiness” is the artist’s second most popular song on the streaming platform with more than three million streams. The guitar is what completes this song and sets it apart from the rest of Starry Cat’s discography. The song is taken from the artist’s self-titled album in 2015.

Alternative indie rock band Lord Huron is arguably one of the best bands of its genre. The meaning of the lyrics of “Meet Me in the Woods” can come in many different ways. When I listen to this song, I feel like two people love each other, completely open up to each other, and are honest about each other’s good and bad. The lyrics also have a paranormal aspect to them, but the overall sound is upbeat.

Daija’s picks

  1. Orange Rex County – “INCREDIBLE”
  2. Jensen McRae – “My ego dies at the end”
  3. Wallows, Clairo – “Are you bored yet? (feat. Clairo)”

“AMAZING” is the second single from Rex Orange County’s recent album “WHO CARES?” He first teased the song during a livestream before releasing the full version. The song is about finding love out of nowhere when you least expect it, which can be an amazing feeling. The instrumental is upbeat and groovy. This song is a perfect addition to any road trip playlist.

Jensen McRae is a singer-songwriter who blew up on TikTok for writing a parody breakup song that was noticed by Phoebe Bridgers. “My Ego Dies At The End” was first released as a single, but is now featured on McRae’s debut album “Are You Happy Now?” The song has a simple ballad but the lyrics really hit hard and McRae’s voice shines throughout the song.

“Are you bored yet?” is Wallows’ first collaboration and Clairo is the perfect fit, tying the song together. Wallows’ lead singer, Dylan Minnette, and Clairo’s vocals blend well, especially with Clairo’s smooth background vocals. The instrumental is fun and upbeat, which contrasts with the lyrics about being bored in a relationship and wondering if it’s time to move on.

Grace’s Picks

  1. Khruangbin, Leon Bridges – “Chocolate Hills”
  2. Fugazi – “I’m So Tired”
  3. The Jins – “She Said”

“Chocolate Hills” is a groovy and moving track. Vocals and instrumentals blend seamlessly together to create a song that can be listened to in any situation. Khruangbin is a great band to put in the mood, or as nice background music if you hang out with people and need some good tunes that won’t dominate the conversation.

Fugazi is best known for their tough, punk sound, but “I’m So Tired” from their album “Instrumental Soundtrack” is a change of pace for the band. Instead of harsh lyrics and intense instruments, the singer softens and gives us a slow, somewhat sad song. This is a great song to listen to after a long day to validate your feelings of exhaustion and fatigue.

“She Said” by The Jins is an upbeat jam. The song has a good rhythm and easy to sing lyrics. The Jins are an indie and alternative band who really know how to compose a song to make themselves heard. It’s impossible not to bang your head and groove on this track. It’s a perfect song to put on and rock.

Kyron’s Picks

  1. Labrinth – “Forever”
  2. Kanye West, T-Pain – “Good Life”
  3. Sam Cooke – “Bring It Home To Me”

“Forever” is one of the original songs from the HBO series “Euphoria.” Despite the lack of lyrics, it’s still amazing because of the production that goes into the song.

Kanye and T-Pain teamed up on this great song from Kanye’s 2007 album “Graduation.” “Good Life” explores the luxury of fame and wealth in an inspiring way.

“Bring It On Home to Me” is an old song from the 60s by Sam Cooke. The artist has many great classics and is a pioneer of the soul music genre. Sam Cooke was born in Mississippi, but grew up and started his musical career in Chicago. The song “Bring It On Home to Me” is about relationships and romance between couples.