Lifestyle Weekly Spotify Playlist #36

Weekly Spotify Playlist:

Madelaine’s picks

  1. Pinback – “Loro”
  2. Billy Joel – “Vienna”
  3. The Beatles – “Don’t Let Me Down”

Pinback is an alternative indie rock band formed in 1998. “Loro” comes from the band’s 1999 self-titled album. this feeling.

“Vienna” is a song that makes me nostalgic. Billy Joel’s voice sounds incredibly soothing and strong and the song’s lyrics are about welcoming and embracing old age instead of dreading and being afraid of it. This song is perfect to listen to, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed or having a bad day.

The Beatles need no introduction, but their song “Don’t Let Me Down” might. “Don’t Let Me Down” is one of my personal favorites and comes from the band’s 1970 album “Hey Jude”. While the song comes across as a love song, the lyrics sound like a call to someone asking not to let him down.

Kyron’s Picks

  1. Rod Wave – “Cold December”
  2. J. Cole – “I Like Your Z”
  3. The Notorious BIG – “Juicy”

Rod Wave continues to deliver great music and his lyrics in “Cold December” consist of themes of betrayal and loneliness in relation to his past romantic relationships. It involves him being in love multiple times, but not being able to stay in a healthy relationship.

“Love Yourz” is a song about the importance of humility and being grateful for the life you have. J. Cole comes across as a wise older brother who understands what others may be going through and assures the listener that things will get better.

It’s an older song but still holds up to this day, thanks to The Notorious BIG’s lyrical ability as he talks about his life before fame in “Juicy.” It’s an inspirational song showing her perspective on her path to success and the hardships along the way.

Quade’s choices

  1. Stephanie Beatriz, Diane Guerrero – “What Else Can I Do?”
  2. Shoujy – “Hacking to the Gate”
  3. Three Day Grace – “Pain”

Diane Guerrero can show off her vocal talents again in “What Else Can I Do?” from the Disney movie “Encanto”. The song is about rediscovering the passion for something you’ve turned into a habit. This resonates with anyone whose major or work revolves around their passion, as it is easy to burn out.

“Hacking to the Gate” is the intro of the anime “Steins Gate”. While the anime itself tends to fly under the radar, the song definitely stands out on its own, not because of the song’s strong presence, but because Shoujy’s high-pitched voice makes banging your head irresistible.

Three Days Grace is a product of its time but still manages to hold up to this day. Their song “Pain” is particularly powerful and timeless and speaks to the anger you feel when your relationships lose the fire they once had.

Daija’s picks

  1. Nick Wilson – “Stop Your Love”
  2. Gracie Abrams – “Feels Like”
  3. Anna Field – “Smile”

Nick Wilson is a British singer-songwriter and recently independent artist. “Stop Your Love” is Wilson’s first single since going independent late last year. Wilson knows his way around a guitar and this single is no different. In it, Wilson asks a partner to give him another chance, but if they want to move on, he won’t stop them.

Gracie Abrams is a recent artist performing in the chamber pop genre. Abrams has a soft, dreamy voice with instrumentals that give off a cozy yet breezy feel. The lyrics explain the beauty of friendships and how meeting someone at the right time can change your lives for the better.

“Smile” is one of those songs you put on to start early in the morning that instantly lifts your spirits. Field details the grief and how all she wants to do is cry, but smiles through the pain.

Bailey’s Picks

  1. Daniel César, Kali Uchis – “To Have You”
  2. The Walters – “I Love You So Much”
  3. Smith & Myers – “NOT CRAZY ENOUGH”

Daniel Caesar might not be a household name to many, but “Get You” has been quite a popular song since its release in 2017. If you’re looking for an artist with a very soothing voice, soothing beat, and touching lyrics, it is an excellent choice.

If you’re on TikTok, there’s no doubt you haven’t heard this song yet. “I Love You So” is a single produced by The Walters that blew up TikTok with sweet and sad videos that truly embody what it feels like to listen to this song.

The vocalist and guitarist of rock band Shinedown separate themselves from their bandmates in this song to create a different style of rock music where you really have to listen to the lyrics to feel the anger and the sadness. “NOT MAD ENOUGH” was released in 2020 and tells the story of an argument where one is still fighting while the other is past the point of arguing.

Ariel’s Choices

  1. Raveena – “Titi”
  2. Justin Timberlake – “Nothing Else”
  3. Majid Jordan – “Sweet”

The first Raveena song I listened to was “Tweety”. The music sounds so different from the usual R&B. He is delicate and feminine through his guitar and other heavenly sounding instruments. It’s a lovely love song and it reflects the beginning stages of a new romance. My favorite part of this song is after the outro when it improvises a bit.

From the comeback album “Justified”, “Nothin’ Else” is a cover of a song originally written and recorded by Latrelle. This gem played at a very nostalgic time in my life when R&B listening was rhythmic and dance-friendly. The bridge part of the song is my favorite because of its catchy beat.

“Sweet” is a perfect romantic song for loved ones. It’s a slow, melodic song that never gets old and could eventually become a Majid Jordan classic. The piano is elegant and the chorus sounds passionate through its lyrics; “Sweet” lives up to its title.