James Gunn Reveals How He Built Peacemaker Hair Metal Playlist

The new HBO Max show, Peacemaker, became an instant hit with fans due to his acting, humor and obsession with hair metal songs. Creator James Gunn (also known for The Suicide Squad and Guardians of the Galaxyy), revealed how he built his series’ playlist, including the song “Do Ya Really Wanna Taste It” by Wam wig, which provides the backing track for a comedic dance sequence in the show’s intro.

Peacemaker, which stars John Cena as the title character along with Danielle Brooks and Freddie Stroma, is a spin-off of the 2021 film, The Suicide Squad. Set directly after the events of the film, the series follows jingoistic killer Christopher Smith/Peacemaker as he joins the black ops team “Project Butterfly”, which targets parasitic alien butterfly-like creatures. Gunn, who wrote the eight Peacemaker episodes during the COVID-19 pandemic, admitted that he spends more time putting together songs for his projects than generating ideas for the script.


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Talk to Billboard, the award-winning director shared how he formed the hair metal soundtrack that has now become synonymous with Peacemaker. Gunn, who called himself a “punk rock kid” at a young age, had wanted to do a hair metal soundtrack for a while before he created Peacemaker. However, as his new show began to form, Gunn saw an opportunity to include the songs as something his main character would listen to and enjoy. Speaking about how the playlist suited Peacemaker’s personality, Gunn said: “I think hair metal is where Christopher Smith claimed his own thing that had nothing to do with his dad. and something his father hated.” Gunn is a die-hard music fan himself, as the show’s playlist ended up being filled with over 400 songs that eventually had to be narrowed down to 100 favorites. Nevertheless, despite the large number, the director claims that “95% of the songs are written in the script.”

peacemaker intro
peacemaker intro

While all the songs of Peacemaker have a catchy tone, the most memorable track is the Wam wig hit that plays throughout the intro as the actors perform a dance that is sure to be parodied around the world. Commenting on how the Peacemaker The opening credits scene became an instant classic, Gunn said his intention was to create an opening that people wouldn’t skip. “I just wanted to create something that shows how fun the show was going to be. Creatively, we have no boundaries. We’re going to show it with this absolutely ridiculous dance scene up front.

It seems Gunn’s creativity with the soundtrack wasn’t just a boon for the show. When asked if any bands featured on the show have thanked him, Gunn revealed that bands like santa cruz, cruel intentions and house of pain all contacted him. Additionally, Norwegian glam metal band, Wam wig, whose most-played music due to the intro, saved from being dropped by his booking agent and is on a hit streak again after the trailer for Peacemaker has been freed.

Since its premiere on January 13, Peacemaker has certainly caused a positive reaction around the world, and with a playlist as extensive as Gunn’s hair metal, there are sure to be more iconic songs to come.

Peacemaker Episodes 1-5 are now available on HBO Max.

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Source: Billboard

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