ICYDK, Ministry of Tourism has a curated playlist for each trip

With the opening of travel restrictions, people are quickly planning various places in the Philippines – and the Department of Tourism (DOT) wants to motivate travelers even more with their curated playlists.

In case you didn’t know, the DOT has launched a series of digital pandemic experiences that seek to amplify tourists’ desire to get out and see the sights – from virtual tours and food teasers to ASMR videos of local websites.

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The tourist board has a playlist for every adventure imaginable, every compilation as diverse as their destinations. The tunes are a combination of different moods and genres, featuring local artists and Filipino-born talent.

Check out some of their playlists below and feel free to save them for your next adventure.

Balikbayan jukebox features songs from international artists of Filipino descent who are making waves around the world.

The vibe of Boracay beach has summer-ready tunes and mellow beats that reflect the island’s rebirth from party center to pristine paradise.

The groovy, soulful tracks spanning several decades and performers capture the vibrant, eclectic spirit of Manila at night you can almost see the glow of traffic lights.

Island vibes abound with reggae, ska and funk beats in Deep diving in Palawan.

Meanwhile, Cordillera Calm features sensitive string melodies from well-known and independent artists on the OPM (Original Pilipino Music) circuit.

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