Here’s MetalSucks’ Bong Metal playlist, celebrating… Sorry, what were we just talking about?

We have good news and bad news. The bad news is that life is a fucking cesspool of heartbreak and taxes. The good news is that there is grass. Since its first recorded use by a Chinese emperor suffering from rheumatism in 2727 BC. In the early 2000s, cannabis was medicine for some and a huge distraction for others. And while heavy metal could existed without it, we doubt it – that mixture of stoner empathy and depression was a big part of what drove the young men of Black Sabbath to shape the genre into what it would eventually become. Suffice it to say, reefer is a sacrament Mother Nature gave us when she saw how hard God made life, and we should celebrate it for the benefit it is for those of us who appreciate it because of how awesome it makes us feel.

4/20, the international weed holiday, is to smokers what Halloween is to goths – though it’s amateurish to many and forever hated by a certain type of person, it offers the world whole a chance to enjoy what we live by. Today, everyone is a pothead, and is invited to sink into a couch with us and maybe share some of those peanut butter M&Ms. But what to listen to? What music is there for the average MetalSucks reader who’s here to party but got too high to make the awesome playlist they were planning? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

In honor of 4/20/2022, MetalSucks presents Bong Metal, a three-plus-hour sampler of some of our favorite weed-friendly tracks. From the sci-fi cult of Sleep and the smoky occultism of Electric Wizard to the steely idle of Pallbearer and one of the funkiest Motörhead covers you’ll ever hear, this playlist delivers a cerebral massage for the baked metal mind. . That said, it’s not all stoner and doom metal – bands like Connoisseur, Cephalic Carnage, Hooded Menace and of course Cannabis Corpse will take sleazy listeners to the limits of their coldness without ever throwing them overboard.

From all of us at MetalSucks, happy 4/20, and please smoke responsibly.