HAAi’s NYLON Nights Playlist Will Put You In A Summer Trance

To go out? Need a playlist? Then NYLON Nights playlist is here for you. Each month we invite a guest DJ to curate an exclusive playlist that will take you from pre-game to post-game. For May 2022, rising British producer and DJ HAAi takes over.

There’s no better feeling than a summer rave. It might seem counterintuitive to want to cram into a room with hundreds or even thousands of other bodies during the height of the hottest months of the year, but there’s a certain magic to the whole thing. . Sweat clouds the tops of everyone’s skin as they dance their hearts out to thundering, deafening music as strangers chat beside the water cooler – then, everyone steps outside to greet the fresh air early in the morning when it’s all over. It’s spiritually, maybe even physically, cleansing – and at the very least, just as effective as a hot yoga class.

HAAi’s NYLON Nights playlist compels you to want to do just that. The rising producer and DJ based in the UK via Australia has quickly become a fixture on the global nightlife scene with her bright, energetic and emotional sets. With upcoming gigs at Primavera Sound and Berlin’s Berghain, HAAi has also entered the studio with some of the genre’s biggest heavyweights like Fred Again… and The xx’s Romy. Their 2022 song, “Lights Out,” is tenderly melancholic and scientifically crafted to keep every part of your body moving at all times.

That same effortless, choppy vibe saturates HAAi’s playlist, filled with vibrant dance tracks and tempered by moments of emotional reprieve, like VTSS’ gritty “Why We Don’t Deserve Beautiful Things,” which arrives like a cerebral break. grungy and meditative. But most of the playlist is full of playful, textural picks, like Floating Points’ “Vocoder,” which HAAi says will be “DJ-rinsed this summer,” and his own songs, like “Bodies Of Water.” , energetically fluid. The track is a taste of the DJ’s potential, which she plans to fully unleash later this month with the arrival of her debut album, Baby we ride.

Below, kick off your summer rave plans on the right foot by spinning HAAi’s NYLON Nights playlist and reading on for his comments on each of the songs. Then be sure to catch Baby we ride when he arrived on May 27.

“Isolate” – TIBASKO

This track is the perfect set opener. Such a beautiful construction in the intro, then this fall. Gorgeous.

“3210” (Ross From Friends Remix) – Jeshi

I’m a huge Jeshi fan, and this revamp by RFF is amazing. Spend some time listening to Jeshi’s catalog, you won’t be disappointed.

“Gunk” – Overmono

Overmono are truly the masters of mechanical music and sampling right now. I’ve played with them a bunch of times and been a fan of their music for quite some time. Lovely guys too.

“Bodies of Water” – HAAi

This is the first single from my new album; first time I’ve sung in a while and recorded it. It’s a pretty wobbly.

“On the Shelf” – Ekzander

I’ve been listening to this song a lot lately. Has everything you want to get the club moving. A new favorite find.

“Black on Black” – KAM-BU

I’ve been a KAM-BU fan for a while now. His shows are electric and I think he has such talent. He is also a lover. I got to hear some stuff he’s working on, and I think it’s going to blow people away. The production on this track is also amazing.

“Why We Don’t Deserve Beautiful Things” – VTSS

VTSS is one of my favorite DJs. His sets are hard and electric. This whole EP that “Why We Don’t Deserve Nice Things” is on is a true masterclass in production.

“No Shade” – Myst Milano

The first time I heard “No Shade” I liked it so much I reached out to Myst Milano on Instagram to say so. So soft. I’m obsessed with it.

“Rush” – Logic1000

Perfect amount of breaks and bangs. This track is perfect for the club.

“Vocoder” – Floating point

It’s really a bit of me, this piece. He finds himself in a world with “Sugar Slip” by Leon Vynehall. Such a unique yet vibrant track. It’s going to get rinsed off by DJs this summer.

“Admit It (U Don’t Wan’t 2)” – Fred Again…, India Jordan

Fred and Jordan are good friends, and I’m a fan of what they both do individually. Bringing them together on this track was such a great decision. Perfect combination of emotion and club.

“Right On Time” (HAAi Remix) – Metronomy

I managed to turn a seemingly very summery and upbeat track into a sad and fiery love song. Whoops !

“Lizard’s Lair” – Manami

Manami is an artist who is really on her way up right now. She toured the world with Bicep and made such a big name for herself as a DJ and producer. This one is a wonderful melon twister. One for the club tweakers.

“Purple Jelly Disc (feat. Obi Franky)” – HAAi

I loved working with obi on this track. His voice and writing are such a force in the studio. This piece is for me the perfect balance between the mind and the pretty hands in the air.


It’s a slight change of mood for LSDOXOXO (one of my favorite artists). I love the Kida emo vibe in all of this. End of perfect playlist.