Gavin Haley’s Tour Bus Playlist Featuring Arlo Parks, Led Zeppelin and Beach House

Singer-songwriter Gavin Haley is on the rise and we couldn’t be more excited to watch his rise to the top. The Kentucky native just dropped a vibrant new single, “Body Language,” and if you haven’t already, we highly suggest adding it to your summer playlists for late nights and late nights. long journeys.

You may have become familiar with Haley via her fan-favorite song, “The Way I Am” featuring Ella Voss from her debut EP, long game. This powerful track has earned him millions of streams and new fans around the world.

Another standout is “Tati”, featuring Yung Pinch from her second EP, Deployment. The catchy single even caught the eye of Blink-182’s Travis Barker, who ended up releasing a remix of the song!

Today, you can find Gavin opening shows for pop sensation Tate McRae on his highly anticipated tour this spring and summer. We are so happy for this budding singer-songwriter and know he is going to make sure every audience has a great time.

Luckily for us, he shared with us some of his favorite songs to listen to while on tour. It’s a great list, with some flashbacks and personal stories mixed in. Check them out below!

“Jerk It Out” – Caesars


When I was maybe 12, my family took a road trip to New Mexico. we had a cross-country ski camp there and that song was played at least 30 times. I was addicted to the tempo and the upbeat energy it gave me. whenever I’m on a trip I tend to put this song on.

“What I Did” – Linkin Park


before I ever did a show.. the “Guitar Hero” video game was a big addiction. this song in particular, I would absolutely rip it on my 5 color note guitar. I think little Gavin would be proud to know he’s on tour.

“Black Dog” – Arlo Parks


I love Arlo and this song always puts me in the same space. fun to drive and the lyrics are really moving.

“Going to California” – Led Zeppelin


the drive from Portland to San Francisco takes around 9+ hours with beautiful roads and stunning vistas. It just felt right to add this gem.

“Dare4distance” – Never Scream Never


bare. great writing. I love this song and takes me back to my childhood. my sister put me on Never Shout Never when I was 13.

“Dare You Move” – Switchfoot


I grew up in the church and Switchfoot was about as pissed off as I was in 2004. A lot of memories get mixed up in this band and I love the space they create in their music.

“On the Sea” – Beach House


one of my best friends showed me beach house across bodega bay in northern california when i was 16 or 17. I remember being on the coast and this song was playing specifically. on my body arose.

“Hollywood” – Kota the friend


I love his flow and his message. introspective reflection and real soft melodies.

“Heather” – Conan Gray


playing this track on tour and loved shouting the lyrics out with the crowd every night.

“Fall for You” – Used Serenade


it’s the first song I’ve ever sung for someone. I learned piano chords and my sister called a friend of hers and had me sing through the line. I don’t know why, but it’s an important memory for me. this tour, I’m playing the piano at concerts for the first time and it reminded me of this song.