From Sisters of Mercy to Supergrass – LA’s new weekly playlist is live

From the Sisters of Mercy to Supergrass: The 105th THE weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians we’ve written about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from Austin Millz, pop/soul from BAYLI, gothic from Christian Death and the Sisters of Mercy, indie from Supergrass, and so much more.

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Christian Death (Jeremy Saffer)

From the Sisters of Mercy to Supergrass

Also this week:

Valor Kand of print stars Christian Death said of their upcoming Cruel World Fest set: “We never played Bauhaus, even though we were in the Rockfield studio, which unfortunately seems like the movie about it won’t happen either because of SXSW being canceled The last time we were at this studio, the guys from Love & Rockets, who was pretty much Daniel Ash at the time, were there. This is the last time I spoke to him. It will be an interesting conversation. There are a few people on the poster that I have never seen before. I have seen and spoken with Morrissey a few times. But Devo , I’ve never seen it live. Public Image. One of the first times we did a Goldenvoice show, we opened for Public Image.

In “Not Another DJ”, Austin Millz said of Coachella, “Since I started my journey, I always said to myself, I will never go to Coachella unless I play in the festival. And this year , the protest came to life and I couldn’t feel prouder with the greatest gratitude. It was a great feeling to perform and express my art to people this weekend and I couldn’t be more grateful. I put it all there!”