Five Songs to Add to Your Midterm Study Playlist

Reading time: 3 minutes

By Melanie Nava Urribarri

It’s that time of year again: midterm season. Instead of fantasizing about the next $5 meal you’ll buy for $35 on Uber Eats or falling down a TikTok rabbit hole for hours like Alice in Wonderland, it’s time to stop spacing out – get out those notes you definitely took in class and are studying. But what’s studying without good music that gets you in the mood? Discover these five essential paths to guide you through the five stages of mid-term grief.

Heat waves by glass animals

Halfway? As if! It’s the perfect song for that first stage of delusional denial to help you forget about studies and reset yourself to “mid-June” with your summer adventure. Recall the good times when you didn’t have late or midterm homework threatening you. Oh, what was it? Not a new email notification from your teacher, surely – sounded more like the melodious chime of an ice cream truck.

You give Bon Jovi love a bad name

Click click, press press; your fingers tap furiously while WhatsApp group chat is as dry as the Sahara desert just when you need answers the most. “How could nobody be on their phone right now?” you start to think. “Are they doing this on purpose?” After all we’ve been through? Whether or not you get those answers with the panic setting in, You give love a bad name will have you singing (or shouting) your frustrations at the total betrayal of your classmates. Remember that letting your anger out can be healthy after all.

Love Me More by Mitski

All can’t be lost, can it? Maybe if you stop watching this new episode of Love is blind (USA or Japan, or probably both), the universe will reward you with good karma. While you’re going through the negotiation stage and desperately scrolling through oddly formatted PowerPoints, what better artist than Mitski to work through it all? The song of the poetic genius Mitski love me more will capture your supplications and prayers to all that is good and holy in hopes that you will be successful in this year’s midterms. You’ve done it before, why not now? You love just enough to drown [the doubt] outside.’

Lana Del Rey watercolor eyes

Have your eyes started watering? Do you have more comforting snacks on your desk than textbooks and open tabs combined? Let’s be honest, this special relationship with procrastination wasn’t meant to last forever. For the depression phase, open another tab and add watercolor eyes to your midterm study reading list. Who else can sing about your woes like Lana Del Rey? This song will bring back past feelings of heartache, longing and make you miss that person you should hate as those words you were meant to memorize become a blur. But really, it’s time to let go. You should have started studying earlier to get that dream grade.

Mount Everest by Labrinth

The cage of depression cracks open, the smell of fresh air hits you, and you reach for the light as you finally see the end. You are free! Or, almost free. It’s time for acceptance. Now that you’re tear-free and remembering how resilient you truly are, this song will have you feeling “on top of the world”, setting the mood when you’ve convinced yourself that you have done everything you can study, even if you have only skimmed the last pages of the notes and not taken a look at the last chapter your professor just posted. It’s all in the mindset, right? How could you fail those midterm exams now?