Do you feel 22? Taylor Swift Appreciation Society Offers Playlist Building, Dance Parties & More Fearless Fun | Culture

Everyone knows Taylor Swift all too well. The Taylor Swift Appreciation Society officially became a club in February 2022. Initially an Instagram page, club manager Julia Bennet, a sophomore, launched the club alongside sophomore Clare Hart, vice president, and first year Kathryn Brown, Treasurer. All three are human development majors, which was the basis of their club’s formation due to shared interests other than Taylor Swift.

“Have been [a] Costs [club]”, Brown said. “There’s a lot to start from and start over. We all feel connected through her, but in different ways.

Brown has been personally inspired by Taylor Swift since she was six years old. Throughout her teenage years, she followed Taylor’s musical journey. Brown felt that Taylor’s message of individuality was crucial in the lives of many of her fans.

The idea for a club came from their Instagram account, @eckerd.luvs.tswfit. Talking to other Taylor Swift fan clubs around the world, such as in Oxford and Cambridge, Bennet decided that Eckerd’s Swifties deserved a club too.

“At Eckerd, we’re all quirky and have our own things,” Brown said. “But it’s different to take your interests to the next level. Like starting a club that creates playlists and PowerPoint presentations. »

Last year, the Instagram account promoted a successful “Red” album listening party. One of the activities included “pinning the tail on the donkey” on a cutout of Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor’s famous ex, who many believe inspired her heartbreaking song “All Too Well.”

With many clubs discussing politics or crises, Bennett hoped his club would bring some levity to student life.

“I just hope people can forget about the stress in their lives and have fun,” Bennett said. “On university campuses, everyone is stressed. We are all in a bubble and people have a lot to do. »

Although the club has a niche, Bennet notes that not everyone is a Swiftie. She admits that several people she knows don’t like Taylor Swift.

“Some will hate [Taylor Swift]”, Bennet said. “But they don’t have to come [to our events].”

The club held its first official meeting as a charter club on March 7. During the reunion, the members created a playlist of their favorite Taylor Swift songs. They also discussed their favorite albums and their personal journeys with the artist.

Bennet herself found inspiration in Taylor’s political journey. Her inability to voice her opinions under her previous record made her politically neutral. However, she left her old record company and was given the freedom to express her political position.

In the future, they plan to hold events such as Taylor Swift dance parties and movie nights for her documentaries. They also want to organize PowerPoint nights dedicated to issues that club members want to address.

Meetings are held once a month every Monday at Forrer 100C at 5:30 p.m. Follow @eckerd.luvs.tswift to stay up to date.