C&I’s Loretta Lynn Playlist

Every Loretta Lynn fan has one of their favorite songs, but we wanted to highlight them for their simple, true, and poignant messages.

“You look at the country”
Not only was that song the very definition of “country,” it was the very definition of Lynn — because I am everything I am — and what she was looking for in life.

“Wine, women and song”
A story as old as time, with the hostess who works hard at home while her husband spends all his money on wine, women and songs.

“You are the reason our children are ugly”
One of Lynn’s wittiest collaborations with Conway Twitty, and one that portrays the image of a couple accepting each other’s good, bad and ugly.

“We are on our way”
This song about a pregnant Topeka mother with lots of little kids already hanging on her apron strings might be Lynn’s most autobiographical song, because she’s not bitter about what she misses.

“You’re Not Woman Enough (To Take My Man)”
Although Lynn’s husband may have had a wandering eye, he couldn’t get away with much, knowing that any woman who thought she could steal him would have to do it on his dead body.

“First City”
Again, Lynn has a sense of humor about infidelity, telling any woman interested in her husband that she must fire her man unless she wants a bruise.

“I’m a Honky Tonk Girl”
Lynn hadn’t done anything wrong when she wrote this song – her first – but she sounds convincing when she sings that losing him made her a fool.

“Don’t Come A-Drinkin’ Home (With Lovin’ On Your Mind)”
Lynn was finally saying what all women thought then and still think today – that alcohol and love just don’t mix.

“Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man”
The quintessential duo to be so in love that even the Mississippi River can’t separate these two.

“For God’s sake”
It’s surprising that more people haven’t named their baby girl Heaven after hearing this simple song about staying for the sake of a child.

“Don’t Tell Me You’re Sorry”
To think that a man can trick his wife into thinking that the only reason he has another woman on his lap is to weigh her is downright hysterical.

“They don’t make them like my daddy”
It’s a lesson in what a man should be. The one who had hard work and big dreams born in him.

“Kentucky Blue Girl”
It was one of Lynn’s shortest songs, but it’s packed with the raw emotions she feels when her man leaves her for the big city.

“If You Ain’t Gone Too Long”
When she flips the script for a cheat song, Lynn does it like no other. Telling her man she’ll be true, unless he’s been gone too long.

“Hello Loretta”
Once she’s finally fed up with her man, Lynn decides that the release of this woman, darling, will begin now.

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Excerpt from our April 2022 issue

Photography: (Featured Image) Jimmy Ellis/USA Today Network; (Other) David McClister/Courtesy of Essential Broadcast Media