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With the start of Black History Month, it’s only fitting that we tip our hats to the black artists who have transcended the music industry. This playlist will allow you to highlight and commemorate black excellence every day – as it should be.

Doo Wop (that thing) – Lauryn Hill

If you know good music, you definitely know Mrs. Lauryn Hill. This first solo single from 1998 still has people singing passionately in 2022. The song is arguably what made Ms Hill one of the most famous artists of her time, being her only song to reach number one on the chart. Billboard Hot 100. .

Before letting go – Beyonce

Take a minute and think to yourself: Is there anyone who doesn’t know the legend of Mrs. Carter? The answer is no. While we could dedicate an entire playlist to its songs, “Before I Let Go” emulates the celebratory feelings everyone deserves to feel as they honor Black History Month, and every day for that matter. .

Best part – Daniel Caesar (feat. SHE)

It’s easily one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard from two of the most gifted artists of our generation. The breathtaking vocals and sweet serenity make it nearly impossible not to smile as you listen. The song itself boosts positive vibes and is a perfect way to honor two incredibly talented black performers this month.

Wish a hero – Polo G (ft. BJ the Chicago Kid)

As one of the most popular up-and-coming artists of our generation, it’s no wonder Polo made this list. This song in particular explores the struggles of being a black man in America, and does so in a powerful lyrical way. Whether it’s the lyrics alone or Polo’s vocals to boot, there’s no denying that this song is a masterpiece in its own right.

All stars – Kendrick Lamar (with SZA)

This iconic collaboration from two of our generation’s most beloved artists is the perfect way to wrap up the playlist. Both Kendrick and SZA are incredibly accomplished artists, but there’s something about their coming together that makes this song so powerful. It’s no wonder he has multiple nominations for the Grammy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, and Academy Awards. Listen
yourself and immediately feel how influential this song is. Chills.