Apple Music | An easy way to fix messed up and repetitive playlist album artwork

So you’re an Apple Music fan who likes to keep your music library tidy and at its best. Unfortunately, this can all go off the rails quickly if your album cover is completely messed up and you’ve almost given up hope trying to fix it.

Not to mention, you might have connected with some of your friends in Apple Music – and if they view your profile or add your playlist to their library, this strange album cover is also displayed on their devices. (How embarrassing!)

For me, the problem presented itself as the cover of the album of a album (the seventh song in the playlist, to be exact) repeats four times on the artwork of the playlist rather than on the artworks of four different scrapbooks.

It’s especially frustrating if the artwork for this album isn’t exactly your favorite.

Luckily, there is at least one solution that worked to fix my messed up and repetitive playlist album art.

How to Fix Repeated Playlist Album Artwork in Apple Music

  1. Open the music app.
  2. To select Library basically.
  3. To select Playlists.
  4. Find the offending playlist with the repeating album artwork and tap it.
  5. Press the options button (three dots) in the upper right corner.
  6. To select Add to a playlist..
  7. To select New playlist..
  8. Type a Playlist name and knock Ended.
  9. Now you will see your New“old” playlist but with proper artwork.
  10. Remove the original playlist with the wrong artwork.

Repeat this process for all messed up playlists and you’ll be good to go!

Bonuses | Renaming Playlists

Apple Music is quite problematic in its latest releases, so we’re not sure exactly how or when the album art gets messed up, but that’s obviously a bug. Another bug I encountered involves renaming playlists – the new name just won’t stick. However, I have found that if you open the Music app on your Mac and try to rename the playlist the, it should apply and sync to your iPhone. So !