Acid Arab releases exclusive playlist and collaboration with Balenciaga

Fashion doesn’t just exist in a vacuum, especially not for a brand like Balenciaga. From out-of-the-box collaborations to adventures in the Metaverse to made-for-Balenciaga playlists with music collectives like Acid Arab, the brand continues to prove to be a powerhouse for dictating what’s cool and what’s cool. which will follow in the cultivation at large.

It’s not just fashion at Balenciaga. With music comes merch, and no one does it quite as on the pulse as Balenciaga’s traveling curator of Apple Music playlists (Balenciaga is an official curator on Apple Music, because, of course). From Gvasalia’s personal playlist to selections from German industrial group Rammstein, French pop singer Aya Nakamura, RuPaul – no introduction needed – and Acid Arab, Balenciaga’s connection to artists of all genres , has only grown with each collection; any wandering collaboration.

Straight off the pulsating dance floors of the famous Chez Moune nightclub in Paris, Acid Arab is a collective duo made up of DJs Guido Minisky and Hervé Carvalho, whose mission is to make room for Arab culture – through sounds and excerpts from North Africa, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey and more — into the world of electronic music. Acid Arab’s playlist for Balenciaga certainly lives up to the collective’s working philosophy, with handpicked tunes by artists like Moroccan hairdresser-organist Abdou El Omari and Azu Tiwaline, hailing from the Sahara region. and El Djerid in southern Tunisia, Featured. If it’s an education you’re looking for, Acid Arab’s curated mix certainly delivers.

Acid Arab Merch by Balenciaga:

Acid Arab’s four-piece Balenciaga unisex collection, priced at HK$6,300, consists of a sweatshirt, sweatpants, long-sleeved t-shirt and sweatshirt zip-up hoodie with the music collective’s branding seemingly spray-painted across the chest, plus Arabic script along the sleeves and legs. Cast in a vibrant highlighter yellow shade, it’s a literal can’t-miss capsule. So bright it could glow in the dark.

Buy Acid Arab products here and listen to their exclusive playlist for Balenciaga on Apple Music here