7 albums by queer artists we can’t wait to release this season of Pride / Queerty

Summer is right around the corner, and once again, queer (and queer-adjacent) artists are ready to carry the music industry on their backs. After two years of plastic brunches and Pride celebrations on Zoom, the community is officially ready to take action this summer, and we’ve got just the soundtrack for it. From newcomers like Madison Rose to the incomparable Queen Madonna, we’re blessed to have a festival of new music to love.

Here’s a roundup of seven albums we can’t wait to release for this Pride season and beyond. Happy spreading!

Rising by mxmtoon (20 May)

Pop mxmtoon, holy matron of sanity, is about to kick off summer with an upbeat new sound. Rising singles “sad disco” and “victim of nostalgia” deal with mxmtoon’s usual realm of loneliness and longing, this time wrapped in catchy pop beats – perfect for its Tiktok following’s propensity to both dance and to cry.

Technicolor by Madison Rose (May 27)

Rising queer star Madison Rose is just starting to make an impact, but her sound — especially the rainbow-hued new single “Technicolor” — seems like it was crafted in a lab to headline LA Pride in the Park. Her other singles show she has the range; “Better Off Alone” sounds like a club mix classic, while “ICONIC” is a ballroom-style female dog track from a girl who feels every oat she has. Between this set of upcoming hits and visible star quality, Ms. Rose might just be ready to take the girls by storm.

Highligths by Angel Olsen (June 3)

If you prefer a slightly more muted summer, we’ve got you covered. A decade after his first album Half way homeRecently released singer-songwriter Angel Olsen is set to return to his indie-folk roots in Highligths. Its titular new single is folksy as they come, sounding like sweet Sapphic love in the lazy countryside heat. It’s sure to be a satisfying summer album for lovers of sweet tea, cicada nights and Brandi Carlile.

super evil by Conan Gray (June 24)

After seven singles so far since his last album, Conan Gray fans are absolutely looking forward to super evil to be freed. Gray has built a career writing pop hits for melancholic queers on Tiktok and Tumblr, and his new gender-questionable heartbreaking tracks like “People Watching” and “Memories” are sure to continue the good work. Those leaning more bop than ballad can keep “Overdrive” and “Telepath” spinning – though here we hope they won’t remain in the infamous pile of album-less singles.

Finally enough love by Madonna (June 24)

You know her. You like it. You probably have a messy party story from your 20s that featured one of his songs in the background. Madonna has recorded decades of gay moments, and her upcoming remix album sees Ms Ciccone set to give a masterclass on the subject. Finally enough love comes out as an abridged 16-track release just in time to wrap up Pride Month, with a 50-track follow-up slated for August 19. Whether you’re a ‘Material Girl’, a ‘Girl Gone Wild’ or simply a ‘Beautiful Stranger’, Madonna is sure to have us all as hooked on her as ever.

muna by Muna (June 24)

If Muna’s sincerely Sapphic debut single “Silk Chiffon” featuring new label mate Phoebe Bridgers is any indication, muna is going to be iconic enough to earn its eponymous title. Muna has always had her share of dormant “windows down, stereo up” hits like “Stayaway” and “I Know A Place” (the latter of which features heavily in queer rom-coms). Alex Strangelove), but their brighter electro-pop moments like recent single “Anything But Me” will undoubtedly make perfect Pride playlist entries.

Trixie Mattel’s Blonde & Pink albums (TBD)

Drag mega-star Trixie Mattel has announcement two joint albums for a summer release: The blonde album with the new single “C’mon Loretta” and The pink album featuring “This Town” with American artist Shakey Graves. “C’mon Loretta” is a garage-pop ode to country star Loretta Lynn with an infectious, driving beat that you can’t help but move, while “This Town” remains more understated and heartfelt. Mattel considers herself primarily a musician, but between her upcoming Discovery+ show “Trixie Motel,” her web series “UNHhhh,” and a dozen other projects, we’re crossing our fingers that she has time to release those albums.