5 songs to add to your Carnival playlist

St. Lucia Carnival 2022, the island’s biggest annual celebration, is due to take place in just a few months, and there is considerable excitement not only for the stunning line-up of events, but also for the heart-pounding melodies of Dennery Segment and Soca to set the tone. for a high-energy Carnival season.

If COVID permits, we could see the return of the wild dawn celebrations of the past, and music, of course, is an important part of making these parties entertaining. We’ve seen the release of some controversial music as well as hits that locals can’t get enough of over the past few weeks.

Here are five songs that will put a little nugget and wine in your stride, whether you’re on the road for Carnival 2022 or having a good time at one of the island’s iconic parties.

  1. Hi – Teddyson John

We weren’t prepared for this one! Teddyson John stunned the Caribbean with the release of his latest single Howdy. He merged country music and soca to create a production that was simply brilliant! This song is not only catchy, but it also has a dance to it! Definitely, one to add to your Carnival 2022 playlist.

  1. Dj Addo – Saint Lucia Carnival

Although this groovy melody hasn’t hit the mainstream yet (as far as I know), you’ll surely like it. The song has that “late night complaining about someone” vibe, and we recommend adding it to your playlist.

  1. Sneaky Body of Lava

The Groovy King did not come to play with this track. Despite the song being released in January, we think it will be one of the must-have summer hits at Carnival 2022. It’s the kind of song we expect to hear on a boat ride or a bikini event, so ladies, get ready to show off your lava body!

  1. Zafe Moun Riddim (Dennery Segment)

All we can say is that this riddim was one of the most popular releases of St. Lucia Carnival 2022. Not only did it garner attention for featuring one of the most controversial songs from 2022, but let’s face it, you can’t help but moan when the riddim arrives, whether it’s a song by Umpa, Sly, Mighty, Surbance, Pablo or any of the other artists in the Dennery segment presented.

  1. Umpa ft Tchady O & Amigo – BAD

Once Umpa drops a track, it’s an instant hit and that’s a fact! This song has all the elements of a real Lucian party starter. This one will rule the Carnival season! Put it immediately at the top of your playlist!

Bonus title:

GEO – Boom Bang

Yes, we know the artist is from St. Vincent and the song was released in November 2021 (according to YouTube), but it’s still very relevant and is currently trending in St. Lucia. Plus, the riddim was composed by Seagal Productions of Saint Lucia, and the tune is an addictive whiny anthem!

Bend Dong – Multitalented Jugglers x Tik Tok (live band)

Another 2021 release, but it has a vibe, and we have a feeling this song will be part of your Carnival 2022 celebrations!

Did we miss any of your favorite tracks? Let us know in the comments!