5 Albums I Can’t Live Without: Jennifer O’Connor

name Jennifer O’Connor

best known for Wear lots of hats.

Current City Nyack, NY

I really wanna be in it Any beach and it’s hot.

My current music collection contains a lot of German electronic music.

And a bit of Jazz/soundtracks.

You wouldn’t expect me to listen I listen to everything.

preferred size Vinyl at work and at home, streaming during walks/exercises, CDs in the car. I listen to vinyl in my record store because that’s what we sell and because there’s always something new to discover. I also like to listen to records at home because it’s really my first love. I love the convenience of streaming when I’m walking around. But CDs sound good too, especially in the car. The best place to listen to loud music is in the car on CDs.

5 albums I can’t live without:

I want to preface this by saying these are the top 5 albums I can’t live without NOW. But ask me in a few weeks and my answer might be different!!!

Older, george michael

George Michael is one of my favorite artists and I saw the Faith tour in high school, but I’ve had a RELATIONSHIP with that album for a few years. His writing is so honest on this one, so full of pain, and also so full of healing too. I listen to it in the car and I cry, it’s the best, lol.

Physical, Olivia Newton John

It was one of my favorite records as a kid and I’ve been spending a lot of time on it lately. I love to sing with. I think about listening to this in 2nd grade and how I had no idea what she was talking about, but still felt it so deeply. So many songs are about sex and wanting to have sex! Or love and unrequited love. Great hooks though man, great melodies, great vocals. I think that record is what got me into singing.

Court and Spark, Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell and Prince are my two favorite songwriters. Blue was my favorite, but this one snuck up behind Blue and stole the top spot a few years ago. I listen to this probably once a week. I absolutely loved Lena Dunham’s use of “Free Man in Paris” in Girlsalso.

keep doing, The rocks

The albums and sounds these women have created together are so special. And the songs are incomparable, so strange and wonderful. I love all of their records, but this one the most. This 5 Albums I Can’t Live Without: Jennifer O’Connor the song in particular kills me! Incredible lyrics. “You work too hard to bear this abuse. Be on your guard, morons on the loose.

Sign ‘O’ The Times, Prince

The masterpiece double album. I know music isn’t a competition, but if it was, Prince would win in every category. This disc contains my favorite batch of his songs. “Strange Relationship”, “I Could Never Take Your Man’s Place”, “Starfish and Coffee”, “The Ballad of Dorothy Parker”… I mean, come on. And it’s not even the singles!