12 perfect albums for winter

It’s no secret that winter can get so dark that it’s easier to hibernate than participate. The season can also be very romantic, if you have the right frame of mind. Snow, layers, comfort can make the season enjoyable, and it takes a positive mindset to see the beauty of the winter months. One tip that can help is to have a good repertoire of music, which you can play as the soundtrack to your life during the gloomy and freezing weather. That being said, here are twelve albums that are sure to lift you out of the winter blues:

Everything must pass by George Harrisson (1970)

Best Winter Song: “If Not For You”

It is a golden and timeless album. Released in 1970, it’s the perfect album for walking in the snow. It’s quaint, yet very inspiring in its ballad style. Each song covers a range of topics, and each song is so elevated by the sophistication and musicality that Harrison presents.

Eponym by Cigarettes After Sex (2017)

Best Winter Song: “Sweet”

If you’re not going through it listening to an album, you’re not listening to Cigarettes After Sex. This album is evocative and strikingly cold. The raw atmosphere of the album is stunningly beautiful and leaves the audience free to focus on the meaning of the songs.

Sling by Clairo (2021)

Best Winter Song: “Partridge”

As a very fitting album for the season, this Clairo project has a calm and peaceful feeling that it evokes. The album is very intriguing lyrically, so the audience is much more focused throughout. This is a very relaxing collection of songs and it’s perfect for heading to class in the cool breeze.

Another by Mac DeMarco (2015)

Best Winter Song: “A Heart Like Hers”

This album is a compilation of love songs that help ring in the winter with feelings of love. It’s important to have a set of songs that make you feel like you’re falling in love, especially around Valentine’s Day. This is a particularly relaxing set of songs, which adds to the draw.

Capacity by Big Thief (2017)

Best Winter Song: “Haley”

This is another album that is trilling and serene in every aspect of every song. Capacity is both sonorous and lyrically peaceful. It puts the listener in a space to reflect on the intricacies of life and reflect.

Uncle Jazz by Men I Trust (2019)

Best Winter Song: “Show Me How”

Another atmospheric album, Uncle Jazz has a very interesting conceptualized sound that features dreamy vocals. The album is synthesized and stripped down to the bone. For this reason, the choice reminds me so much of the winter season.

Lush by postal mail (2018)

Best Winter Song: “Pristine”

Lush is another love song album very different from Mac DeMarco’s Another. This album is cold and raw in its demonstration of love. There is definitely love in the album but it’s much darker.

Destiny by Dr. Dog (2008)

Best Winter Song: “The Breeze”

A very folk-inspired indie album, Destiny deals with very real topics that are presented in the lyrics of the album itself. The music is very uplifting and lighthearted, so it’s a good addition to the season if you need something upbeat to combat the general feeling the season might conjure up.

Alfredo by Freddie Gibbs (2020)

Best Winter Song: “Something to Rap About”

It’s another feel-good album you can unwind with. The album as a whole doesn’t delve too deeply into the subjects as a whole, but the album goes deep into evoking certain emotions. Alfredo is a good album to relax feeling the cool breeze on your face.

Carrie and Lowell by Sufjan Stevens (2015)

Best Winter Song: “Death with Dignity”

Sufjan Stevens is the best at creating lyrically complex masterpieces that can ring in any feeling you might have around the overall song. He does it again in Carrie and Lowell; youhis album is so refreshing and relaxing and focuses on family ties and heartbreak.

Melophobia by Cage the Elephant (2013)

Best Winter Song: “Cigarette Daydreams”

This album is anything but mellow. Honestly, it’s so carefree and happy, which is why it’s still a fan favorite after almost 10 years. Some songs are very sappy and romantic, others are great songs to sing and dance to. The album as a whole is very fun and gratuitous, and doesn’t focus too much on one topic or theme.

songs for dads by The Walters

Best Winter Song: “What’s Left”

songs for dads is another sappy, almost romantic album with some really lighthearted songs. This album is full of beautiful songs about love. It has an almost nostalgic feeling and is perfect for any occasion. This album is especially good for winter because we often reflect on summer and warmer weather, especially the feelings you had during summer.


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