10 underrated female artists to add to your playlist this month

For Women’s History Month, I searched for new (and reconnected with old) female artists, and compiled a list of my favorites. For this list, I decided to choose only underrated and/or unknown current artists. I hope to be able to introduce you to new songs, and if you already know these artists, then congratulations, you have great taste.


Listening to Raveena is like taking a moment to feel at peace. Her voice and her instruments exude femininity, what she expresses is something she tries to exploit by making music. My personal favorites are “Temptation” and “Honey”. It’s incredibly hard to describe these songs because they just seem ethereal and otherworldly. I think listening to Raveena can unleash a power and a delicacy in everyone, especially women.

FKA twigs

Listening to FKA Twigs is like tearing your heart out. One of his most famous songs, “Cellophane,” is so raw and emotional that the vocal imperfections and high pitches add to its power. His more upbeat songs combine intense beats with his light vocals for a distinctive sound. My favorite thing about FKA Twigs is that she puts all the weight of her emotions into her art, which comes across through the music.


Ojerime’s music is inspired by 90s R&B, but with a modern twist. Ojerime’s four albums and additional singles are moving; listening to it feels like stepping back in time about 20 years. Her airy vocals about sex, drugs, sanity and love combined with the intense beats make for a unique combination. My favorite from her is “Moisturise” from the 2018 album “4U”.

Annie DiRusso

Annie DiRusso has a shorter discography, but those few songs are still impressive. I love DiRusso’s guitar work, which is featured in most of his indie-rock music. I don’t usually listen to rock, but DiRusso’s lyricism and unique voice make me want to hear more. My favorite DiRusso song is “Coming Soon”.


Yebba has a soulful, deep voice with an incredible range. In her 2021 album “Dawn”, she shows her vocal techniques and mixes them with a sad and sometimes angry tone. The music itself is diverse, as it uses a variety of obscure instruments and sounds in its songs. My personal favorites from her are “All I Ever Wanted” and “October Sky”.

Arlo Parks

“Collapsed In Sunbeams” is Arlo Park’s latest album, and it didn’t jump. Much like the rest of Parks’ music, it’s clean and effortless. There’s something so simple about his music – soft vocals, catchy beats and clever lyrics – that make all of his music so easy to listen to. Additionally, Parks has a sense of humility that transcends his art; she makes music because she likes it, and it makes the music even better.

Dana McCoy

Dana McCoy’s voice is smooth and effortless, and combined with her lyrics about love and heartbreak, every song is a great listen. Listening to his more upbeat songs, like “Night After Night” and “Subscriptions,” I can’t help but nod along and sing along. And during her sad songs, like “Fall”, I just listen to the emotion and the power she exudes through her voice. McCoy’s discography isn’t long, but it’s worth listening to.

Faye Webster

Faye Webster’s music is simple yet emotional. Her voice and the calm melodies that accompany it create a youthful and feminine feel. Webster’s conversational lyrics are intimate. In my favorite Faye Webster songs, “Jonny” and “Right Side of My Neck,” Webster sings directly to someone, which adds to the intimacy and overall experience.

Alright Kaya

Okay Kaya’s lyricism is unparalleled. His songs are deeply introspective, and they make me think and feel unknown emotions. In addition, its vocal changes from deep and powerful to high and light make it a unique listening experience. My favorite of hers is “Habitual Love,” but picking a favorite wasn’t an easy choice.

Cornelia Murr

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Cornelia Murr’s music takes a modern twist on a 70s feel. Her soft voice floats over the melody, creating a dreamlike experience. My favorite song from her is “I Have A Woman Inside My Soul”, but “Man On My Mind” is a close second. I can’t help but rock back and forth and bob my head while listening to its simple yet effective tones.


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